The perk your employees want.

Employee perks aren't often one size fits all. With Skillshare for Teams, you're giving employees the power of choice. With access to over 35,000 classes, your employees get to decide what living a more fulfilled and balanced life looks like for them.
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Flexibility fit for any schedule

With bite-sized lessons, hands-on experiences, and over 35,000 classes in our on-demand catalog, Skillshare can fit into any schedule and support any learning style.

The power of choice

Whether an employee feels refreshed after a soothing watercolor session, a quick journaling break, or a cooking class with the family, we help them to define and improve wellness on their own terms.

Creativity as an outlet

As the leader in creative learning, we’ve seen again and again how the simple act of creating can be a force for good in leading a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Ready to revive your employee perks?

You're in good company

Now more than ever before, we all need to find ways to improve our well-being. Together, we’ll help your employees discover what wellness means to them so they can live happier, healthier, and more well-rounded lives.

Promote health and happiness

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Balanced team. Better bottom line.

Offer the right perks, build a culture of creativity, and make your employees more engaged, innovative, and effective at work and in their free time.
Reduce Stress
Spending just 45 minutes on a creative activity significantly lessens a person's stress levels, regardless of their creative experience.
87% of adults say it’s important to have a team that supports mindfulness. When they feel supported, they’re 9x more likely to stay with their employer.
Support Balance
Improve Engagement
Creating a workplace that prioritizes employees’ well­-being has been shown to increase engagement, productivity, and happiness across your team.