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“We tried everything — from face-to-face training to using LinkedIn Learning. But it wasn’t until our team leveraged Skillshare that we saw immediate results. It has transformed what we are able to offer and our team’s engagement."

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Unlock unique skill sets to drive employee development

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Establish a mutual investment between you and your employees through a life-long learning cycle to support their goals.

Thousands of classes to build marketable skills

Our extensive class catalog is made for around-the-clock learning to elevate your team's skill set and inspire them to take on new challenges.

Win over every admin and employee with an easy-to-use team management portal and personalized, on-demand experience.

Engage employees with ease

Investing in your company’s future starts with engaged employees

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Skillshare For Teams

  • Unlimited access to 35,000+ classes

  • Easy-to-use admin capabilities

  • Personalized experience for every team member

  • Detailed reporting and analytics

Built for businesses looking to elevate their L&D or employee perk program.

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Taught by the experts, you’ll find topics and classes for a variety of roles and skill levels. Get unlimited access to over 35,000 influential classes covering:

Soft skills and EQ
Business and marketing essentials
Advanced creative
Well-being and mental health

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Paul Johnston, Global Design Manager at Dentons

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